Sunday School

Is ready for a new year of learning! This program consists of a class taking place every other Sunday from September to June for children from ages 3 to 11.
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Our goal is to provide the most positive and productive Hebrew School experience for Jewish children, regardless of prior knowledge and background, affiliations, or level of observance. We bring the joys, values and traditions of Judaism to life through art, song, dance, games, trips, cooking, baking, collaborative learning exercises, and extra-curricular activities.
Our curriculum and program cover all areas of Hebrew language, Jewish culture, life, traditions, and history, in an environment of joy, warmth, and friendship.
The lessons learned will give your child the knowledge of his heritage and the confidence needed for his identity.
A special trip to Israel will be organized for children preparing for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
Yearly Tuition: 290€ per child for a complete Sunday School year. -10% for 3 children or more. This Includes: book fee, supplies & snack.
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Dates of the Sunday School 2019 – 2020 (suggested themes, you can also have a sneek peek of the curriculum here):

  • October 10- Creation of the world
  • October 24 – In Noah’s Arch
  • November 14 – Chanukah Programme: History & Tradition
  • December 05- Chanukah Party: crafts and fun
  • January 16 – Tu B’Shvat Programme: Torah & Nature
  • February 13- Welcome to Avraham and Sara’s tent!
  • March 06 –  Purim Programme: History & tradition
  • March 20- Pessach Programme: History and Tradition
  • April 03 – Seder prep. & Ma Nishtanah
  • May 01 – When Isaac met Rebecca
  • May 15 – Everyone has a second chance – Pesach Sheni
  • May 29 – Shavout Programme: History & Tradition
  • June 12 – The favorite Twins Jacob and Esau
  • June 26 – Graduation!