Dear friends,

As we currently face a global crisis that will surely be temporary; we need to take seriously the guidelines that have been put in place by the authorities. In Jewish tradition, when you face life endangering situations – “Pikuach Nefesh”; saving a human life, should take priority over everything, be it of religious, economic or social order. The most precious thing we have is a healthy life.

On this time of confinement, let’s take this opportunity to take time to reinvent ourselves and think on how we approach our daily lives. Let’s reconnect with our spouse and children, and using technology, let’s get in touch with the elderlies of our family and with our community.

This outbreak challenges us to consider the health of our spiritual life and to ponder on our mission in this world. As humans we want to, not only survive but also to thrive. If something as small as a virus is all it takes to spark a global disruption, every positive action, as small as it may seem, can create a positive universal transformation.

Let us then move past our instinctual reaction of fear and worry and summon the courage to respond with generosity and kindness to our fellow human beings. Perhaps you know of an elderly individual or a neighbor in need. Call them; find a way to bring them food, cheer, or other necessary provisions.

Today more than ever we need to connect and be there for each other!

In line with Social Distancing we will not hold physical gatherings in our premises however from now on, all our lessons will be free of charge and available to everyone online and live via a link we will provide to you.

You can also commit to volunteering in helping others by registering in the platform below, you can also get help in several matters.

See below for more details.

Best wishes and be happy!


1. Reach out to your neighbour and find out how he/she is feeling.

2. Do you want to help us make calls to our community members? Fill up the form with your details and we will contact you.

3. You are a social worker or a psychologist or psychiatrist & wish to answer calls, please send your details to Yael Landman, responsible of C.A.R.E Belgium:

4. Do you have free time and wish to teach online children who are confined?

You can register here as an volunteer


1. Do you feel isolated and need to talk? Register here we will give you a call shortly.

2. Do you need kosher food to be delivered to you? C.A.R.E will be happy to facilitate:

3. Need delivery of medications from pharmacy? Register here we will bring it at your door.

4. Need to talk to a social worker? Call C.A.R.E: +32 319 8251

5. Need help with having your children busy during the day? Register here, and we will put you in touch with a volunteer.

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