Meet our oldest volunteer

You think when you are over eighty years old, you are not able to make an impact anymore?

This man will prove you wrong! Charles is not only 87 years old and therefore our oldest volunteer, but also a Covid survivor. This Chanukah I had the honor to join him and his family for their tour through Brussels.

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The story of Martin Schapiro

The day I met Martin Schapiro, I stayed at his house for over three hours. I did not recognize for how long I was sitting there, just listening to his stories, until I noticed it was getting dark outside.

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Vanessa Rosen – the story of a daughter

‘When he died I lost my rock. It was the worst thing for me and my sister. But with the love he gave us he made us keep on going even after his death.’

  • Vanessa Rosen, Daughter of the Holocaust survivor Abraham Rosen

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