“Hine ma tov ouma nayim, chevet ahim gam yachad.” “How good and pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to sit together.”

Yachad – Together. Like it is said in this Shabbat song,  human contact and being together holds a great power. 

Therefore we started the Yachad project two years ago. An initiative, in which our amazing volunteers visit different people all around Brussels to not only bring them our homemade Shabbat goods but also spend some time with them.

Our volunteers visit all kinds of people, no matter if it is a person recovering from an illness, or a young family that has just welcomed a newborn. The focus of these visits, however, is particularly on the people who would appreciate a warm gesture and enjoy the human contact. 

Especially in covid times, our visits have developed a completely different importance and we have noticed that interpersonal relationships have a very positive impact on everyone’s health.

Our volunteers come from various backgrounds and different age groups as well. So anyone who wants to make an impact, meet and connect with wonderful people, and spread the sense of joy and community should feel welcome. 

There are many different ways to volunteer for the Yachad project, so everyone can find something he or she enjoys doing. We have volunteers that take care of baking fresh Challot  and cookies every week. Others prepare the gift-packages with the fresh baked goods, the week’s parsha and candles. The biggest part however, is the distribution of the gifts, where the volunteers really get the opportunity to connect with people, and share life experience and many interesting storiesl.

You want to make an impact and become a part of the Yachad Project? 

This is  how it works: 

Stepp 1: Fill up the registration form that you can find here: 

              (Here you can let us know your preferences etc.)  

Stepp 2: We will get back to you within a week and arrange a phone call to get you on board.

Stepp 3: Congrats you are a member of our Yachad-Team!