Yachad is a project which addresses our needs to be together, to reconnect with each other in order not to be alone and socially isolated.

The name of our project comes from the 1st sentence of a song sung for Sabbath:

Hine ma tov ouma nayim, chevet ahim gam yahad ». “How good and pleasant it is
for brothers and sisters to sit together.”

For many different reasons in life, one can be in a situation where there is no one to rely on or no one to talk to. Loneliness is more common than we think.

Whatever the reasons, whether it be grandparents living far from their family, people who cannot move because they are too old or disabled or because they live far from the community, we are happy to share our time to meet these people, talk to them, share concerns and happy stories, as well as questions they may have. It is a joyful moment when we connect our lives. Even a short casual conversation can make the difference for the visitor and the visited.

To do this, at the end of the week we bake challot and cookies, we prepare the week’s parasha, some candles and we prepare the next Jewish festival. On Fridays, we offer the packages before Shabbat starts.

The Yachad Project is made up of many: Challah bakers and the volunteers who pack, decorate and deliver our packages.

So if you want us to come to your place or friends/family’s, if you want to help us achieve our mission by being a volunteer, then get involved!

We are here for each other and we can’t wait to get together.