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Hope in the Dark - Léa Gutterman

Hope in the Dark exhibition A2 format.png
Her story!

Lea Gutterman was a smiling, funny and loving lady. She is born in Belgium in January 9, 1934 and died in October 16, 2022. She did her primary section in a school in Brussels before being permanently removed, forced to wear the yellow star and became a hidden child. She was hidden in Saint John's Convent from 1942 to 1944. Following the Belgian law from 1941, all jewish people had to be arrested and discarded.

"Hope in the dark" is a piece of benevolence in the atrocious times of World War II. This highlights the little humanity and gentleness that remained in the candid souls of children...

"Hope in the dark" takes up a dozen drawings made in a notebook, drawings of love, of friendship, sometimes comic, sometimes philosophical, but all full of humanity.

What can these children teach us in today's world ?
If you wish to have this exhibition presented in your venue feel free to send a request:
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