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Hi, we are Linn and Kathie, two volunteers from the Yachad-project. When we were 19 years old, we started organizing the distribution of shabbat gifts and had the great luck of meeting a variety of wonderful people. This article is dedicated to one of those thought-provoking encounters: Simone Guttman. As part of the Yachad-Together program, we had the privilege of visiting Simone and this experience was a truly unique one. Simone welcomed us into her home, which was full of beautiful art, that represented her life devoted to creatvitiy. Simone's life's story was incredible and we were amazed to learn, that she had traveled the world, where she learned to speake a variety of languages. She studied the piano in Rome before starting her impressive career. Her music had brought light to people around the world and we could sense the richness of her experiences in every word she shared with us. One thing that stood out to us was Simone's commitment to perfection in all aspects of her life, which was especially evident in her music. She even showed us recordings of her piano performances, constantly pointing out nuances she wanted to improve. Overall, our visits with Simone were a reminder of the importance of human connection and solidarity in building bridges between generations. Yachad-Together seeks to bring people together and foster a sense of community, and our visit with Simone was a beautiful example of the impact that can have. ReplyForward

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