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Sunday Kid's Program

You want your kid to explore the colorful beauty of the Jewish holidays in all their diversity?  

Then we have just the right program for you!

In our Sunday Youth Program we will take children 4 to 9 on an exciting journey one Sunday every month, in which they will not only learn about the meaning behind the holidays, but also get to discover each holiday’s very individual spirit and joyfulness. No matter whether through baking, crafting, singing or planting, in this program the kids will learn in a very interactive way to not only connect to Jewish tradition but also one another.  

Yearly tuition (8 programs included) 89 Euros 

Tuition for each individual program per child 18 Euro 

Feel free to forward this message to other parents who might be interested.

Dates of the activities:

  • September 25 – Baking workshop for a birthday cake

  • October 16 – Prepare your own Torah and dance

  • November 27 – ceramic workshop, make your own Menorah

  • December 12 – Chanukah Party

  • January 29 – Tu B’Shvat Programme: Scavenger hunt in the forest

  • February 13- Welcome to Avraham and Sara’s tent!

  • March 06 –  Purim Programme: Prepare the 4 Mitzvot of Purim

  • March 26 – Pessach Programme: Matza Bake

  • May 21 – Shavout Programme: Flower decorations

Register here:

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