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European Jewish Women's Club

Our women’s club is a once a month “ladies only” gathering in the evening to chat and learn about the upcoming Jewish Holidays. Join us  for a thought-provoking talk and inspiring encounters (food and refreshments will of course be provided).

Fee: 15€ for each meeting

Address given upon request.


  • September 24: Rosh Hashanah read: The Binding of Isaac 

  • November 12: Tanya: Chapter 32 - Love your fellow as yourself, How?

  • December 17: Chanukah read: Hanérot Halallu

  • January 21: 

  • February 11: Tu B'Shvat: Agricultural laws in Israel  

  • March 11: Purim read: Meguilat Esther

  • April 8: Pesach read: Haggadah

  • May 27: Shavuot read: Parashat Yitro

  • June 24: What does it mean for me to be Jewish?

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