The European Jewish Community Centre, located at the European Jewish Building in the heart of the European Quarter in Brussels, is a focal point for Jewish events, services and resources at the European Union. The EJCC is a people oriented, community-driven organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of Jewish life through educational and cultural events. The centre is multi-lingual, serving the needs of government officials, diplomats, journalists and consultants to the EU.

Nehama Uzan with president of the EU commission Ursula von der Leyen


The EJCC aims to foster understanding of Jewish culture and its millenary history in Europe as a proud member of the European family, and nurture a common commitment to European values.

We also strive to strengthen European Jewish identity, nurturing a meaningful Jewish life focusing on progress and the modern world.



Nehama Uzan, Avi Tawil, Margaritis Schinas, Katharina von Schnurbein

EJCC aims to strengthen ties and create bridges between the EU Institutions and Jewish values. Through diverse events, seminars and meetings in the premises of the EU institutions, officials and civil servants can discover the wealth of Judaism, as a comprehensive and inclusive role player in European culture, and the universality of its values.
The EJCC is present in the EU Institutions through the organization of all kinds of events, conferences, seminars, and meetings in the premises of the EU in order to provide more information on Jewish topics and promote Jewish culture. Throughout the years, High ranking personalities and decision makers have been attending and supported EJCC projects and events.


Enrich your life and make new friends at our exciting social events where you can feel at home. Explore the cycle of Jewish life at our Shabbat and holiday celebrations with stimulating programmes: High Holiday cocktail, Chanukah lighting, Tu B’shvat Nature Day, Purim party, Pesach seder, Shavuot spring Party, every occasion is an inspiring celebration!


We promote tolerance through education and understanding. What better way to a more peaceful world! We offer a template of mostly interesting conferences and learning courses on Judaism and Hebrew language, for children and adults alike. EJCC aims to promote tolerance through education and understanding by organizing conferences and learning courses on Judaism and Hebrew language, for children and adults.

Also, education and culture are a prominent part of Jewish life.
Give your children the life-long gift of a Jewish education with our friendly and instructive Sunday Kid’s Program, Bat Mitzvah Club, an Cteen programmes. You can make new friends and enjoy learning courses such as the EUlpan (hebrew lessons), the Lunch & Learn group, Torah & Tea, Talmud class and private lessons. Experience the joy of Jewish culture with our extensive programmes of cinema, concerts, book clubs and art exhibitions.


D&D is a Jewish initiative of intercultural dialogue. On an educational level, D&D brings together Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and non-confessionals around one same project: to promote the understanding and acceptance of our differences in order to reduce stereotypes and prejudices and consolidate a more inclusive society. On an institutional level, D&D raises public awareness on the importance of respect and exchange between religious and cultural communities and on the importance to celebrate our diversity.


The Yachad-Together program aims to create interpersonal relationships between people from different age groups, backgrounds and religions. Through visits, both on a weekly basis and on the holidays, volunteers and recipients get together to counteract loneliness and embrace a sense of belonging.
Since the war in Ukraine started, we have extended it and created a network of homes to welcome refugees in Brussels. The aim of this program is not only to help refugees to survive but also let them thrive, by supporting them to integrate and including them into a vibrant community.